30 November, 2011

Calypso Minerals Giveaway on

I have entered the Calypso Minerals Giveaway on

You can to and mention me in your comment (Chitty-D) if you found this out from me!

29 November, 2011

Dead Candy

Model: Freja Boholm
Photographer: Johanna Nordlander (me)
Make up: Johanna Nordlander (me)
Tutu by: Johanna Nordlander (me)

More coming soon!

I miss my pink hair!

25 November, 2011

Can't hold em down!

Yesterday night and all day I've been super excited!

I even dreamt and sleep-taled to my mother about it!!

What can it bee, well Sugarpills 30% discount thats today!!!

I had done my math too se what would be cheapest and stuff what i want and also need and blablabla. When i got home i was just about to finally place my order when i realized that my bank card could not pay stuff of the internet from international sites.. JIPPII....

I was so depressed for a while there! But then i remembered that a swedish site sells som of sugar pills produkts so i got 3 eye shadows!!!!!!! they didn't have the red, purple or pink ones though, and no palletes so thats sad but hey CANT HOLD ME DOWN! I'm getting som sugga after all! :D

24 November, 2011

Wish list

Ive got a wish list in my head and im trying to figure out what to get first and stuff. But I have gotten a sub job so that gives a bit of money and I've also just gotten a commercial delivery job which is on weekends and I'm thinking i'll save like 80% of that (and seriously hardcore saving) so that I can move to stockholm and finally go to make up school! :D

I think I've decided on a make up case though, I loove this color!!
(It's not with wheels though, they were to expensive for me)
Lots more at:

22 November, 2011

Wishing for some sugar this Christmas!

After christmas I'm planing on buying these two beautys from Sugarpill! I've been dying to try them for ages but now I've made up my mind!

(I'm also saving for more make up brushes and a make up case with wheels)

I don't wanna be a stupid girl

Why do girls have to be skinny to be called pretty?

And why do so many girls care!?

And why isn't there a person telling you you are perfect the way you are and don't need to be thinking about your body?

And why are there girls who dont listen to that person?

Why cant we talk about how amazingly yummy chocolate is!?

And all the fun things we can learn to do with our beautiful bodies!?

Because if you're gonna change something with your body,
don't let it be the way it looks. But what you can do with it. I know many amaaaazing dancers that aren't super skinny.. And nobody cares. They look amazing when they're dancing and thats the only thing people see.

I don't wanna be a stupid girl, do you?

21 November, 2011

Heard eating glitter was good for you

Yesterday night i made this look as i went along and i though the pictures turned out pretty cool!

And I love the gold glittery lips and black rhinestones on the bottom of the bottom lip ;D

18 November, 2011

Proud Girlfriend

He's gonna kill me for this but I'm so proud of him so I'm going to show you all anyways!! :D

He hasn't even been doing gymnastics for 3 months but can already do a .. umm what ever its called in english, its called "flickis" in swedish :D

17 November, 2011

I'm on fire!

Im so excited and happy right now because i have tons of stuff to do! I love having many things to do!! :D

Ive made another better resume and have found a few jobs i can apply for and I'm SOOO ready to start working! I really want a job!

Im also super excited for the photoshoot I'm having this weekend and all the make up I'm doing next week for the photographers! yaaaayy!

I'm also practicing driving a lot now even on roads! Its such an awesome feeling. I love driving!

Oh and I still have the tutu skirt to finnish, it requiers so much fabric its insane!!!

Well I'm going to continue with my life now, CIAO!

16 November, 2011

I was a substitute today! +TuTu skirt

Today i got to be a sub at the school i used to go to and that my mom works at!

It was so much fun i got to be with the 6 to 9 years olds! :D

Then I got more fabric for my tutu skirt!

As you can se in the picture, 1 meter wasn't enough... ;D

14 November, 2011

I Miss You

I miss my amazing and wonderful boyfriend so much :(

Clas Reunion

my make up
yellow eyeshadow: INGLOT
Pink lipstick: INGLOT 141

11 November, 2011

Photo and make up projects

Today started with me helping a friend out at a photoshoot she did for a school thing

Then I went around town to find things for my own photoshoot that I'm (hopefully) having next weekend! Freja will be my model once again I'm so excited!

Im going to make a tutu skirt and maybe a little mini top hat! yay i love crafting!

I'm also busy planing for a bunch of make up looks I'm doing for 2 different photographers until christmas i guess. (They go to a photography school at have this big fashion project) Im so happy they asked ME to do the make up, since i don't know any of them! yay :D

Im going to film an INGLOT review tomorrow and hopefully get it up on youtube the same day.

Well thats whats up in my life! Now I'm going to bed, CIAO!

What i want so bad right now is this cool make up case!!! You can find loads o different make up cases here:

09 November, 2011




Its amazing! I just love mac...!

I dont have a mac screen or keyboard but im saving up!

The magic mouse (or what ever it's called) IS SUPER COOL! I love it!


Today I went "shopping" and yes not shopping ;)

I wasn't actually shopping,though I picked up some stuff while I was buying food and a keyboard!

07 November, 2011

Dubai Airports Flash Mob


Photoshoot with Freja

(click on the photos for a larger image)

Ive edited some more photos from the photoshoot i had a while back with Freja!
Here is one. What do you think?

Model: Freja Boholm
Photographer: Johanna Nordlander
Make up: Johanna Nordlander

Hat and gloves: Glitter
Shirt and cardigan: Cubus

Inglot products

In a few days my mom and my 2 younger siblings are coming home from dubai! And Ive asked them to buy some Inglot stuff for me since we don't have Inglot in sweden :(

This is what "'I've ordered"

lipstick 141

lipstick 173

Translucent loose powder 216
I hope the colours are the same in real life, its so hard buying make up of the internet and not a lot of people have reviews on INGLOT so I'm thinking I will do reviews of all my INGLOT products, so if you're ordering online it will be easier =)

06 November, 2011

Love Pan Am

I love the new series Pan Am!!

Anyone agree? today is the 3 rd episode and I'm so excited!

The first time I flew was when my family were moving from Sweden to Oman! I was 9 then so 10 years ago and that's when I decided I wanted to be a stewardess! Though that dream faded away along with all the other dreams and now my dream is to be a make up artist ha ha ;D

I still love air planes and the whole atmosphere with flying so I guess that's why I love the series, oh and also because of the 60s feeling and the mystery! :D

Which one of the stewardess are YOU??
I'm probably maggie! :D

05 November, 2011

Dance competition!

Woke up at 2:00 am and got home just now 11:50 pm!!

Been at a dance competition all day so I'm super tired!

I came in 3rd place on disco dance solo!!!! Yay I'm so proud of myselfe!

Ad me and my partner came in 6th in street duo!!! So we made it to the finals! :D

Had super fun and surprisingly I was hardy ever nervous! Which I usually am! :P

Well more pics coming later now it's time for me to sleeeeep!!!

04 November, 2011

lonely :(

(the picture is not edited)

Today my boyfriend left me, to linköping that is ;D

ha ha ha totally fooled you there..

If you didn't know it already me and my boyfriend have a long distance relationship.

So I'm all alone with my cat eating cupcakes and thinking about how much I hate the fact that me and Christoffer don't live in the same city....

I am the winner!

Remember the contest I entered a while ago to win a mac book air on

Well they also had a "random winner" where they randomly choose one person from all the people who entered and guess who won!? MOI!!

So i got spotify premium for 12 months! yaay so awesome!!!!!!!

For those of you that don't know what spotify is, CHECK IT OUT! its like a music player with (almost) all music you could imagine and you can make playlist's and stuff!