27 September, 2011

My first Q and A on blogspot!

Swedish: Hej! När du gick från svart till rosa, hur mycket blekte du då? Och blev ditt hår orange? Och sen.. blev det mycket slitet? Är tacksam för svar :(

English: Hello! how much did you bleach your hair when you went from black to pink? And did your hair go orange? and also, did it damage it?

Answer: I did it at a salon, (link) and i think she only bleached it once. My hair went a little orange but we dyed it pink straight afterwords. Of course it damages, but it was okay, since i did it at a salon with professional products and a very good hair dresser.
I looked so awful in blonde i cant even describe it...

Swedish: Hej har du klippt dig själv? I så fall är du helt sjukt grym :)! Skulle vilja ha exakt så :). Flikar du topparna när du klipper eller klipperdu bara rakt av? Kram Johanna

English: Hello do you cut your own hair? In that case your'e awesome :)! I want my hair to be exactly like that! Do you flick(?) the ends when you cut it or do you just cut straight? hugs Johanna

Answer: No i do not cut my own hair, because for some reason I'm a disaster with hair! ha ha ha,
I used to cut it before, but now im to lazy and it turns to shit so I always go to my friend at Salong Barock!

Swedish: Vad använder du för penslar? :) typ märke o så.. :)

English: What brand of brushes do you use?

Answer: I have one foundation brush from INGLOT and the rest is by Quero Pro!

Swedish: Hur lyckas du/ni? få så perfekta korkskruvs lockar i hela håret? :O:O

English: How did you do that? Prefect curls in all of her hair?

Answer: I will show you in a video when i get my new camera!

Cupcake shelf expanded!

My cupcake shelf has expanded! With two super cute cupcake candles i got for my birthday from my boyfriends mother :D

Make up store

Today i got an under eye concealer and a blush, which i will use for shading and contouring!

-The blush is more brown in real life and the concealer is less yellow-

(I even ordered my Nikon D7000!)

26 September, 2011

Back home!

So I'm finally back home after 8 hours on the train and buss!

I've been at my boyfriends the whole weekend, (he lives like 40-50 miles away from me)
Which is why i haven't posted anything, I've gotten vary bad at blogging now for some reason :S

I'm thinking about ordering my Nikon D7000 today, but if i don't have the time I think I'll do it tomorrow!! =D

Oh and ive been trying to get flexible again, since i now dance 7 times a week i thought, what if i stretch after each lesson, then ive got to get waaay more flexible! And its working! i can already see results and ive been doing it for maybe a month.

So my first goal is to be as flexible as i was when i was the most flexible, which was about 2 years ago, like the picture below!

Then my goal will obviously be to go down all the way into splits!

One Piece tävling!

For my swedish readers

Jag är med och tävlar om en one piece på!

Va med du också! Man får välja vilken onepiece som hellst och det är 2 som vinner!

länk till tävlingen: länk

22 September, 2011

Army of love remix!

I am in love with this remix!

the awesome music video:

As some of you know, i am down on my knees for Kerli!

21 September, 2011

E.l.f. goodiebag tävling!

For my Swedish readers
Jag är med och tävlar om en E.l.f . cosmetics goodie bag på

MAC brush kit tävling!

For my swedish readers

Jag är med och tävlar om en MAC brush kit på , i sammarbete med Uffes saker och ting!

(måste bara säga att jag inte kan kolla på alla borstar för så fort jag tar en glimt så blir jag galen i kroppen så det är sjukt!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit tänkt vilka grymma sinkningar man kan göra med alla dom där! just nu har jag 2 st för ögonen, ha ha ha sad life:(

20 September, 2011

Foot Undies

Last week i got my foot undies, i think they look so cute haha!
Now everybody probably wondering, what the hell are those!?

Well they go on your feet and you wear them when you're dancing barefoot, So i use them when i dance Jazz, Contemporary and commercial.

When you're barefoot its hard to spin around and stuff if your foot is sticky and sweaty, so with these you spin and glide so much easily!

Whats up

SO Im doing tons of disk cleanups and stuff right now so i should be able to edit som photos in photoshop soon.

But right now whats going on in my life is basically getting my drivers license! Ive been driving with my mom a few times, and its super fun!! And Ive been studying for the written test as well.

This weekend im going to my boyfriend yay! Since he lives in another city i cant see him very often, it sucks as :(

And then hopefully next week i can start looking for a job, because I'm soo bored i really want a job! not only to get some money, but also so that i have something to do! i don't want to sit around at home all day :(

17 September, 2011

Problem with PS

hey guys!

I've been meaning to post a lot more but I'm having problems with photoshop, it wont open because i have no space on my virtual memory.. again!!

So i really feel like throwing out my computer because its been dying for years not, its time to diieee!! so I can get a new one! blääh

But I've got some stuff to post though, so I'm gonna try to fix it =)


You make me feel that
La la la la la
You make me feel so
La la la la la
You make me feel that
La la la la la
You make me feel so
La la la la la
You, you make me feel that

13 September, 2011

What do you want to read about?

Come with ideas! Your wish is my command!

More make up?
more tutorials?
Personal life?
etcetera etcetera!


So about pageviews here on blogspot/blogger

If i have 300 pageviews, does that mean 300 different people got in, or is it the total number of time people visited my blog? so it could be like 150 people that went to my blog 2 times each??

10 September, 2011

Don't unplug me!

So throughout my day of nothing, I have been listening to this song, i just cant stop listening to it! ha ha ha!

A day of nothing

So today i petty much did nothing, well i went for a 15 min jogg and stretched afterwords but thats pretty much it...

woow im boring


tomorrow i MIIIIGHT order/buy my NEW CAMERA! WIII im so exxcitedd d d d !!!

Im going to sell my Nikon D60 and buy the new Nikon D7000! :D OH YES!

And I've been wondering if i should continue having black hair, or dye it brown, hmm what do you think? black or brown??


09 September, 2011

Yellow nails and pink lips!

Sorry for a blurry picture but i was in a hurry to go to the bank, yes this is what I wear to the bank... ;D ha ha ha

More orange and blue bird make up

I love blue and orange together!

I got the idea from yellow and purple, they are the opposite in the color wheel and i think that is why i love purple and yellow, and then i noticed that ornage and blue was opposites and i just HAD to try it!

08 September, 2011

Orange and blue!

I LOVE this look! Ive got loads more photos to edit but im going to do that tomorrow, so for now just this 1 picture :D

Vote for me!!!

Klick: "Rösta" everybody!

It would be so kind of you!!

New In

The other day i got a white khol eye pencil #7 and a lip pencil in "raspberry" #2 from LUMENE
They were 50% off at both Åhlens and Kicks! so all sweeds gogogo!

I love this lip liner, the color is so pretty!
On the picture below ive just got the lipliner, some pinkyish lipgloss and a bit of a super pink lipstick.

No Makeup

jagehenpsykopat at Dayviews asked to se my eyes without make up a while ago, so well, here it is! my unmaked eyes!

As you can see, my left (in the pic) eyebrow is way thinner and weird looking than my other one THAT IS BECAUSE When i had the drag queen makeup i had covered my eyes with glue and blabla so when i was going to take it off i KNEW it was bad to peel it off in the wrong direction but i did to see what would happen, YES I'm still a kid in my mind
AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! my eyebrows followed with the glue ha ha ha quite funny actually, hope it grows back though! :S

06 September, 2011

Don't be a drag just be a Queen!

Today i made a Drag Queen Make Up, turquoise and silver glitter on the eyes and pink lips!
I was going for Petriludes misty mavens look:

Now that i look at the photos i see that it doesn't look very different from what i usually do, but it really is its way more dramatic and I've covered my eyebrows and drawn them waaay higher and just done crazy with contouring and blush, I've got eye shadow all the way to my temples!!

03 September, 2011

Birthday gifts!

For my birthday i got a gift certificate, a hair thing, a Fanta lip balm that smells EXACTLY like fanta!!! and my favorite mascara! (though i need it to be water proof)

Tomorrow my relatives are coming over to celebrate, so ill need to make another cake! yay! :D


My 2010 in a dance

Like a little kid

I Love my friends<3 (its in swedish)
And i love how i just suddenly trip over nothing and fall.. L O L

Manga eyes!

This was done a very long time ago
Yes i have put the makeup on my eyelids, and drawn eyes, you know like jack sparrow in pirates of the caribbean 2, and hes got like 4 eyes, then he opens his own! and you're like WOOHAAA!

So i did that but as a manga character!


HAHAHA this woman!XD hahaha!

Found on Sanna's blog

and found this "GloZell" (but ive seen her videos before, but it was a long time ago)

So now I have spent my time laughing at this girl HAHA: D

01 September, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME!!

Today i turn 19 frekken years old!

Last year as a teenager! :D

One of my best friends made this super cute video for me! I LOVE IT!

Please excuse all the weird and ugly faces i seem to make like.. all the time O.o