28 December, 2011

futuristic photoshoot with Evelina!

Here are the photos from the Futuristic photoshoot i did the make up for on the model GeeTay and the photographer Evelina :D I think they look amazing!!!! :D great team!

26 December, 2011

My brush cup is cooler than yours!

I got this awesome camera lens cup for Christmas! But I decided to keep my make up brushes in it instead of drinking from it haha :D

I think it looks awesome :D

25 December, 2011

Christmas make up!

This is the make up I was wearing on christmas!
I also had glitter in my hair and a bow!
And i threw in a picture of the christmas tree and some presents!

24 December, 2011

Last christmas


Lots of love to you all!! :D

I haven't been so excited about Christmas till like now!! :D

The picture is from last Christmas since I looked pretty then with my pretty hair.. Now I just look boring soo..

Anyway I'm planing on doing a super cool make up today, well se how that turns out!

23 December, 2011

40's photoshoot with Evelina!

I just got the pics from the 40's photoshoot that i did the make up on!

Photographer: Evelina Ytterbom
Model: Emma Rödén
Make up artist: Johanna Nordlander
Hairstylist: Sandra Linné

I chose to show you the ones in color (she has black and white too) just so you can se the make up better =)

Snow White

So as you might have noticed i removed like all colorful colors on my blog and replaced them with white and gray! Ive also changed some fonts.

I'm going to change the header when I've got it done.

What do you think? i really need your opinion!

(and does anyone know how to center the text in this new blog thing blogger has made)

20 December, 2011

YAY i won!!

I won the make up store products competition! IM SO HAPPY! :D

(its ridiculously embarrassing how excited i get when its about make up...)

Another great blog by the way from Hey Sugar magazine is this girl that had the competition, i love almost all Hey sugar's bloggers! :D yay!

Becca babycake

Sneak peak- Nordljus photoshoot

Today i did a photoshoot with Freja's big sister Eila and her friend! :D

It was for the fast-growing swedish clothing company Nordljus!

I recommend this store for all of your moms and grandmas, i know my mom LOVES these clothes!



19 December, 2011

Blog Tip! Candy Dollheart!

I found a blog yesterday that i absolutely love!

(Its swedish)

I love her videos i think she's got an amazing caracter and is super cute and fun!

18 December, 2011

50-60/pin up make up

Today I did this pin up make up on these two lovely ladies.

It was for Emelie Blom's photoshoot!

I love competitions

Im in another contest yay! haha (i know i enter like every contest i see)

This is a swedish one and here is the link :

I really want these colors, especially the purple one because it will go with my eyes! ;D

Keep your fingers crossed for me!

New blog design idea

Thinking about changing the blog design, pop art is an idea, what do you think?

(the photo is just a sketch)

17 December, 2011

Firewoman, make up

I wore this make up while traveling to my boyfriend!
Its kind of like a fire and sunset makeup.

And I had lent all my false eyelashes to the model i did the blue make up on so i had none, felt weird to do a dramatic make up without falsies! :S ;D

The black and yellow is INGLOT and the orange is Sugarpill, I havent edited the colors so they really are that pigmented and colorful! :D

Lipstick and lipgloss, in Photoshop!

I was editing a picture today and had to try out a thing I've seen on the internet last week. Putting on lipgloss on a photo in photoshop!

I also tried adding a color to the lip.

This tutorial is for photoshop users. I do not explain in detail everything. If there is a request of that then I'll make a super beginner tutorial!

The unedited photo

Add color:
Go to selective color and play around to get the color you want. I chose this pink one. This will make your whole image go pink though just look at the lips.
Then add a layer mask choose reveal.
Then take a brush with the color black and paint away what you dont want to be pink. (which is everything but the lip)

Duplicate your photo.
Then do a plastic wrap and adjust the settings so it looks fine. I had smoothness on the highest and detail on the lowest and Highlight strength on 5.
Then ad a layer mask and do the same as you did with the color. (paint away everythign that isnt suppose to be glossy)

You can also skip adding color and just gloss up your original lips!

Hope this helped!

15 December, 2011

At my boyfriends

Sorry I haven't been updating, I've been at my boyfriends since Monday so that's why. I will be able to blog again next week.

Oh and we baked some "lussebullar" yesterday, it's a swedish thing you eat around Christmas, super yummy!!


11 December, 2011


This is the model that i did the make up on earlier today!

She told me that she made some random weird videos, and i had to check them out because i love random youtube videos, And I think she is hilarious! I swear people crack me up when they cross their eyes, its just something i find extremely funny!

So check her out, She is the first one I've met that has the same retarded philosophical thoughts like me! (though she usually speaks in swedish)

I'm Touched!

lately I've been getting a lot of attention and comments and admiration for my make up and also photography!
It means so much to me I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
All of you that have taken your time to tell me something nice: you are amazing and i want to hug you all!

Behind the scenes

Today I did this cool futuristic make up!

It was for evelinas photoshoot, I'm so excited to see the results!

10 December, 2011

Frosty eye make up tutorial

Tell me what you think its my first tutorial doing it this way!

09 December, 2011

Outfit of yesterday

I NEVER do outfits of the day because I hate picking clothes and buying clothes and all that stuff I'm just really bad at it! But yesterday i managed to put together an outfit so i had to show you, I'ts progress!

08 December, 2011

Inglot Translucent Loose Powder

I forgot to tell you about the powder i got from INGLOT a while ago!!!

Its A M A Z I N G!!!!

I cant belive a product can be so.. like so perfect and so.. MAGIC!!!

It makes my skin like satin! Though it's not AS amazing on other people I've tried it on, for some reason it works magic on me!
(my theory is that I have quite an oily foundation, and I read somewhere that translucent powders works best on oily skin, though my skin id very dry but I guess I'ts because of the foundation)

Once you go INGLOT translucent loose powder, you never go back!

Spader Dam's Vintage shop! (swe)

Gillar du Vintage och Retro stilen? Då kan jag tipsa om denna sida:

Det är en webshop för kläder och accessoarer, kikade runt lite och hittade massa snygga saker!! :D

07 December, 2011

better late than never

Photographer: Johanna Nordlander (me)
Model: Cookie Thabhet
Assistant: Simona
Make up: Johanna Nordlander (me)

I forgot about these pics!! Im usually very lazy when it comes to editing i dont know why :O

But now i got myself together and edited some pics from the photoshoot i had i october with cookie!

05 December, 2011

Till er Svenskar

I have a question for the sweeds!

Stör ni er av att jag skriver på engelska, eller tycker att det är jobbigare att läsa/förstå osv, allmänt negativt??

jag kan skriva på båda språken annars om det är stort behov av det från er!


Frosty dramatic eye make up

(On this last picture i had blended out the edges and also aded som more eyeliner to my inner corner)

I was a little bored today so I did this look. Only one eye though.

I Tried lots of new things with this look, 1. glittery eyebrows, 2. the way i did the eyeliner, 3. I used sugarpill blue eyeshadow.

02 December, 2011

Another giveaway

Im in another give away at

The give away for sweeds:

01 December, 2011

Lots of make up and joy!

Today i had super fun!

I did make up on 2 models that were photographed by Emelie Blom

This is the first one + black lips. (though it was taken at the end so one of the bottom lashes had come loose a little)

photo by emelie blom:

I dont have a picture of the second look though but here are some BTS:
Me and my crazy posing ideas,. haha it was fun torturing the model ;D

me doing some make up on Hananh, photo by Emelie Blom