31 January, 2012

Dubai here I come!

A miracle has happened!

Not going into detail but the main thing is that I'm going to Dubai tonight with my sister!! :D

Can't wait till I lay in te sun by the pool getting a tan, eating REAL subway (tastes better there then Sweden) then going shopping at tha largest mall in the world and of course getting to see my dad again!! :D

29 January, 2012

Burlesque make up!

Yesterday i did this makeup too se how my too faced primer worked and also try out my new eye dust from FACE, its a deep red with blue shine! super pretty irl but looks kind of weird on camera..

When I was done i thought it suited the burlesque theme!

(I have too faced on the right eye on the photos and my old one from make up factory on my wright. I can make a review about too faced later but to make it quick the difference is not huge but its defiantly easier to make a beautiful outcome with the too faced one!)

28 January, 2012

Bowling make up look

This is what i wore on the staff bowling!

Too faced shadow insurance!

YAY! My too faced shadow insurance has arrived!

I've seen this alot on the Internet and its had a lot of positive feedback so I've always wanted to try it, and today I finally I can!!

Highly recommend beauty planet!

27 January, 2012

The tears from a forced life

Here are some of the finished photos from the arranged marriage photo project!

Photographer: Johanna Nordlander
Make up: Johanna Nordlander
Model: Maria Olsson
Dress, Veil and necklace: Eleganten

26 January, 2012

Get Busy

Im sorry for not updating as much as i want/should!

Ive been VERY busy with all my photography projects for my uni application!

Ive also been working here and there since i have 3 jobs!!

In less then a week my sister is going to dubai and she's going to get some mac and inglot, maybe make up forever stuff for me!! excited! :D

I KNOW for sure that I'm getting cyber and russian red in mac lipsticks, set powder and a lip primer! But i might get more though!

25 January, 2012

Nyan Cat!

I love this game and so i thought it would be perfect to have this beautiful picture as a wallpaper!

Make Up or Photography?

Which do you you want me to blog more about
Make Up
Photography free polls

Do you guys read my blog because of make up or photography? or both?

I need your saying in this so I know more about my readers and what they want from this blog!

And while we're at it I might also ask if you want more tutorials, tips, product reviews and so on!

24 January, 2012

Light tent

In the making of and then the result of my home made light tent!

It's for one of my photography projects and it worked great!

22 January, 2012


Tomorrow my dance classes starts again after the christmas break!
Ive waited so long I'm so excited! :D

So this term I will only dance street, jazz and contemporary.. i thought! But then my friend Sandra came along and wanted us to try burlesque.. So yeah.. lets se how that goes ha ha ha!

20 January, 2012

Amazing art!

You need to check out this guys amazing drawing and art skills!

I Love Photoshop

Yesterday I helped out Lenore Cain with editing a photo. Apparently the photographer was a beginner so i got to fix the more advanced stuff, and fix some errors.

So basically at first she just wanted the floor to have some reflection, then she wanted to change the floor color, and add a wallpaper so thats what I did then i also noticed that there were only 3 legs on the chair so i added another one, and also some weird green stuff under the chair, and the floor list was only existing on half of the photo... So you se It needed some fixing!

Here is the result!

Lenore is a super nice and beautiful pinup model!
check her out:

Photographer, Make Up and Hair by Katrin Unge

19 January, 2012


Made 2 of these today!

But it was only later that I realized it was quite stupid to do the American flag since I don't like the SOPA and PIPA thing going on... Oh well!

So cute!

18 January, 2012

Sneak peak!

I havent had the time to properly gone through the photos from the sad bride/arranged marriage, So i just took first best photo and edited it the way i THINK i want it but not sure, here is a sneak peak!


Sorry for not posting, Im working a lot now!

16 January, 2012

Another photoshoot tomorrow!

Tomorrow Ive got another photoshoot!

Im very excited since im trying yet another kind of studio lighting!

Ive got my weddingdress, jewelery, flowers, veil, chain, onions, model and hairstylist, make up..oh and camera ;D Ready to go! :D

Heres another one of my amazingly beautiful sketches!

15 January, 2012


I cant stop being amazed by this!

Colorful and Creative- Color bomb

Finally I made this makeup! Ive got a little sketchbook where I draw tons of make up ideas and this was one for them! I think it turned out very nice!

I love Colour!

What do you think?

(only did one eye)

13 January, 2012

2 different looks

The ehum.. modern heavy glamourus look? focus on the eyes!

The classic Pin Up look! Focus on the lips!

photos are taken for Instagram, Follow me there my name is Chittyscupcake!

12 January, 2012

Fishbone braid!

I've gotten better at doing the fishbone braid! Yay it's so fun playing with hair!

I made this one on my older sister on Christmas!

Sad and a bit evil Ice Princess Photoshoot!

I think i will call it that..

Here is another beautiful sketch for saturdays photoshoot, this time i will be photographing outside and Sandra Linné will be the model!

I couldn't really find a good inspiration photo for this one since i have it in my head, apparently its not that common to do an evil/alternative ice princess/queen photoshoot! :O

11 January, 2012

Follow my blog

click here: Följ min blogg med Bloglovin

Im having a bit trouble with bloglovin now that i changed my URL hopefully it will be as it should soon!

Artistic photoshoot 2

Click on the photos for a better view!


Artistic photoshoot 1

Click on the photo for larger and better quality picture!
These are the first photos from my artistic photoshoot today! I'm so happy with the way they turned out since it was the first time i had this kind of lighting! :D

Click on the photo for larger and better quality picture!

10 January, 2012

Artistic photoshoot tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'm having an artistic and mysterious photoshoot with focus on the body!
Ive never done this before so I'm very excited!

My model will be the beautiful Ella Svanberg, blog:

And this is the sketch I've made, It just looks so funny i had to show you guys my amazing paint skillzz ;D

09 January, 2012

New Header! Photographer: Anja Bäck

Like my new header? I love it!!

Anja Bäck is the photographer and she had a school project to take high key photos and i got to be both the make up artist and model!

here are some more photos: (I dont even recognize my self!!)

Haul! (why do they call it haul?)

Without primer!
Just wanted to try out the products real quick, i have the highlighter as a primer for a gold/yellow eyeshadow.

I got a small white christmas tree yay!

and some christmas deco!

A cheap make up bag

So i guess this is a haul even though im not sure what it means but youtubers say its a haul when they show stuff they get....

ANYWAY! i Got tons of stuff on sale today!

Chitty is Dead! Twinkle is born!

So im changing my internet name from Chitty-D to Twinkle!

I came up with the name twinkle around christmas where everything was twinkling and glittery and lovely! and I just decided that my future company (whatever it will be) is going to be called Twinkle!

But I dont want to wait till then because i love the name/word :D

So i though oh well im going to have a new header to my new layout, why not change my name and url as well! :D

This will be confusing to both me and all of you im sure, but im sure well all get used to it soon =)

Why I got tired of Chitty is pretty much because im not that girl anymore, Ive changed and im not Chitty-D anymore, just as simple as that!

Evil Ice Queen, Drag make up video tutorial!

I managed to show you this in 5 min an 20 sec! It actually took me hours!

08 January, 2012

How to cover up your eyebrows!

With stuff you probably have at home!
You wont need special effects stuff!

Gyaru inspired make up!

Today i wanted to do something i had never done before, Gyaru inspired makeup!

So as you can se i have more white space between my liner and eye at the outer corners of my eyes and then lots of black at the outer corners.

Now its NOT Gyaru make up!

(oh and i edited my iris larger since I dont have any circle lenses!)
I was just inspired by it!

07 January, 2012

But you dont care

I told you how your hurt me, baby
But you don't care
Now I'm crying and deserted, baby
But you don't care
Ain't nobody tell me this is love
But you're immune to all my pain
I need you to tell me this is love
You don't care, well that's okay

Well, I care
I know you don't care too much
But I still care, la la la la la, la la la la la la
Oh, I care

Its like every moment in your life has a song explaining exactly how you feel, this is the song for the moment I'm in right now.

+its a good song so I thought I'd share it =)