25 November, 2011

Can't hold em down!

Yesterday night and all day I've been super excited!

I even dreamt and sleep-taled to my mother about it!!

What can it bee, well Sugarpills 30% discount thats today!!!

I had done my math too se what would be cheapest and stuff what i want and also need and blablabla. When i got home i was just about to finally place my order when i realized that my bank card could not pay stuff of the internet from international sites.. JIPPII....

I was so depressed for a while there! But then i remembered that a swedish site sells som of sugar pills produkts so i got 3 eye shadows!!!!!!! they didn't have the red, purple or pink ones though, and no palletes so thats sad but hey CANT HOLD ME DOWN! I'm getting som sugga after all! :D

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