11 November, 2011

Photo and make up projects

Today started with me helping a friend out at a photoshoot she did for a school thing

Then I went around town to find things for my own photoshoot that I'm (hopefully) having next weekend! Freja will be my model once again I'm so excited!

Im going to make a tutu skirt and maybe a little mini top hat! yay i love crafting!

I'm also busy planing for a bunch of make up looks I'm doing for 2 different photographers until christmas i guess. (They go to a photography school at have this big fashion project) Im so happy they asked ME to do the make up, since i don't know any of them! yay :D

Im going to film an INGLOT review tomorrow and hopefully get it up on youtube the same day.

Well thats whats up in my life! Now I'm going to bed, CIAO!

What i want so bad right now is this cool make up case!!! You can find loads o different make up cases here:

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