27 February, 2012


Saw this on my fb wall!

made me really happy!!, first of all, sugarpill posted MY look! then 95 people liked, 6 commented and 4 shared! WOW!

silly girls

Having fun.... hehe ^^

25 February, 2012

Make up store and Face sthlm +some goodies!

Rouge brush 340- Make up store
Small eyeshadow brush #11L- Face stockholm
Eyeshadow Vanilla- Make up store


Just ordered this from!

Ive known that my powder brush is no longer any good, but kind of ignored it, till today, its useless, so there for i got myself together and bought one from Kent Brushes! YAY! I hope its good!

Oh and my eye lash glue is finished so I decided to try out the black one from DUO! :D

24 February, 2012

All I really want is You

I finally found a hairstyle I'm comfortable with, doesn't require back combing, hairspray, OR long hair! YAY! :D

(It only took me about 7 months!)

and since i feel extremly weird about posting a picture of myself I have to steal the attention away from me to this guy who i think has a great voice and clothes (ha ha ha)

16 February, 2012

New shi(r)t

make gif
Got this lovely shirt at forever 21, The only item of clothing i got in Dubai!

And I love it!, first thing my dad said when i showed him was "haha.. thats so you!" I just love loose and fluffy shirts! :D


Lately I've been working a lot! :D
Therefor I havent had the time to blog, i hope its okay!

Ive also spent some time with Sandra again, maybe you guys remember her from some years ago?

09 February, 2012

What i brought back home from Dubai!

I LOVE these pillows! At first i just got one, but after a few days i decided to get two, for my future apartment ;D

L to R
Polarizing photo filter, Mac translucent loose powder, Girls with attitude false eyelashes, Boots Sponge wedges, Sephora Powder puffs, pen, Inglot lipstick, make up forever eyebrow pencil, Lee stafford hairspray (it was an emergency! But it sucked so don't get this hairspray!!) make up forever HD foundation, Make up forever plasto wax.

I didn't get that many items but a few expensive ones! And of course I got some candy including curly wurly, milky way, skittles and so on! :D

I will post photos from Dubai later on!

03 February, 2012