25 March, 2012

My new hair, darker and shorter

This is my new hair, (dark brown not black) as you can se its shorter and i got bangs and layers.

What do you think? I hope I dont look emo :S

Thank god for hair extensions though, i think ill get some next week!

Amy Nicoletti Make Up

First off: (I would love to be able to post more then 1 post each day here but its quite impossible since i work sometimes 7 days a week 12 hours a day. And I also have dance classes at evenings so if/when i get a day off or so i like to spend it with my friends. So I try to blog but its not very often.)

Here is a make up i had on friday (I think) I love it a lot and its inspired by Amy Nicoletti who might be the most beautiful person on this planet.
Sorry for mobile photos

Amy Nicoletti

23 March, 2012

Dream big?

This is what i want to do "when i grow up" !!!!

22 March, 2012

Just playing around

Ha ha ha! Just a funny picture! Im so bad at being serious infront of a camera!

New header!

Ive got a new header!

Photograph by my friend Agge

I think it turned out pretty cool! What do you think?

16 March, 2012

Special Effects!

Today a friend of mine and I played around with blod and shit!

Next week he will be starting a photography project of his and I wil help him create wounds, scars and stuff!
Taken with my iPhone!

14 March, 2012

Shopping for make up!

Just ordered this on!

The lashes are mostly for an upcoming make up I'm doing in Ella who will be photographed by Evelina! :D

I also got this at FACE stockholm today! A lip brush, i already love it!

I also got this little purse thing for only 40 kr! Instead of 150kr!

Im planing on pimping it up with lace, rhinestones and stuff!

11 March, 2012

Hard times

Not until now, have i realized how badly you've treated me.


I'm way to nice to people who don't deserve it.

Its to weird how one day can be normal, then the next day its completely different. Life will give us challenges and give us hard times, and its at times like this we all need to stick together and fight it together<3 L<3

I love Loreen!

I absolutely love both this girl and song, but most the dancing she does, its so unique and personal!

This song and dance really moves me! Of course she got my vote! Im so happy she won!!

This is what Sweden is sending to the eurovision song contest!!!

Watch out europe!! Here we come!!!

08 March, 2012

New in!

Today I did some shopping!

Plus some more!

I got this black shirt for free when i bought the jeans and shirt below!

When i got these jeans i got a giftcard on 150 kr so I also got this lovely shirt and only payed 50 kr for it!
I LOVE it!!! If i were a shirt this would be me!!!

I also got some bobby pins and a lipstick, maybeline- soft pink. And this awesome lipgloss in a lip shape!!!

A black tube thing, perfect for the summer!
3 underwear in lovely colors!

07 March, 2012

Kony 2012 make up!

Today i found out about Kony 2012.

It touched me very much and I cant help but to feel; I have to do something!!!

So for starters i thought i would contribute to help share this video to more people by creating a make up inspired by the posters for Kony 2012! (above)

Make Kony Famous

05 March, 2012

Help me win some sugarpill!!!

Please click this link then click LIKE!

The more the better and the more happy I will be!! :D

This is the make up:
Fire on Antarctic!
Theme: Colorful!

03 March, 2012