23 October, 2012

Make up update

Sorry for never updating he he he

Im so busy with work and everything!

I thought i would update with some make up ive done recently!

30 June, 2012

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23 April, 2012



All i do is work work work, and dance.. Hardly have time for friends :(

A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

Looking forward to the summer! Thinking of traveling to spain, italy, greece etc, got any tips on where to go a week or two with friends? :D

Please vote for my look!

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20 April, 2012

Lip products by MAC!

I've got more Mac stuff!! :D

Lipstick in Myth and Créme cup.
Lip liner in Subculture
prep+prime lip

Love all of them! Though I'm not used to nude lips so I think I look weird (I'm more of the pink bold lip kind of girl ;))
All Instagram photos. (I am not wearing the mac products on the 2 photos of me.)

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07 April, 2012

I got to shop some hair off!

Yesterday I got to cut my friends hair!

It was very interesting, scary and fun!

I am not a hair dresser, not even close i know NOTHING about cutting hair! he he he

Here is an awesome video, She is so awesome at editing videos!

04 April, 2012

Dramatic and Mysterious make up on Ella!

Remember Ella?

Well a while ago i got to do a crazy, dark and dramatic make up on her and this is how it turned out!

I think it looks quite cool!

The Photographer was Evelina Ytterbom!

03 April, 2012

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25 March, 2012

My new hair, darker and shorter

This is my new hair, (dark brown not black) as you can se its shorter and i got bangs and layers.

What do you think? I hope I dont look emo :S

Thank god for hair extensions though, i think ill get some next week!

Amy Nicoletti Make Up

First off: (I would love to be able to post more then 1 post each day here but its quite impossible since i work sometimes 7 days a week 12 hours a day. And I also have dance classes at evenings so if/when i get a day off or so i like to spend it with my friends. So I try to blog but its not very often.)

Here is a make up i had on friday (I think) I love it a lot and its inspired by Amy Nicoletti who might be the most beautiful person on this planet.
Sorry for mobile photos

Amy Nicoletti