27 September, 2011

My first Q and A on blogspot!

Swedish: Hej! När du gick från svart till rosa, hur mycket blekte du då? Och blev ditt hår orange? Och sen.. blev det mycket slitet? Är tacksam för svar :(

English: Hello! how much did you bleach your hair when you went from black to pink? And did your hair go orange? and also, did it damage it?

Answer: I did it at a salon, (link) and i think she only bleached it once. My hair went a little orange but we dyed it pink straight afterwords. Of course it damages, but it was okay, since i did it at a salon with professional products and a very good hair dresser.
I looked so awful in blonde i cant even describe it...

Swedish: Hej har du klippt dig själv? I så fall är du helt sjukt grym :)! Skulle vilja ha exakt så :). Flikar du topparna när du klipper eller klipperdu bara rakt av? Kram Johanna

English: Hello do you cut your own hair? In that case your'e awesome :)! I want my hair to be exactly like that! Do you flick(?) the ends when you cut it or do you just cut straight? hugs Johanna

Answer: No i do not cut my own hair, because for some reason I'm a disaster with hair! ha ha ha,
I used to cut it before, but now im to lazy and it turns to shit so I always go to my friend at Salong Barock!

Swedish: Vad använder du för penslar? :) typ märke o så.. :)

English: What brand of brushes do you use?

Answer: I have one foundation brush from INGLOT and the rest is by Quero Pro!

Swedish: Hur lyckas du/ni? få så perfekta korkskruvs lockar i hela håret? :O:O

English: How did you do that? Prefect curls in all of her hair?

Answer: I will show you in a video when i get my new camera!


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  2. I bleached my hair 3 times. It's tourquoise now and it's really damaged... :x