26 September, 2011

Back home!

So I'm finally back home after 8 hours on the train and buss!

I've been at my boyfriends the whole weekend, (he lives like 40-50 miles away from me)
Which is why i haven't posted anything, I've gotten vary bad at blogging now for some reason :S

I'm thinking about ordering my Nikon D7000 today, but if i don't have the time I think I'll do it tomorrow!! =D

Oh and ive been trying to get flexible again, since i now dance 7 times a week i thought, what if i stretch after each lesson, then ive got to get waaay more flexible! And its working! i can already see results and ive been doing it for maybe a month.

So my first goal is to be as flexible as i was when i was the most flexible, which was about 2 years ago, like the picture below!

Then my goal will obviously be to go down all the way into splits!

1 comment:

  1. Hej!
    När du gick från svart till rosa, hur mycket blekte du då? Och blev ditt hår orange? Och sen.. blev det mycket slitet?

    Är tacksam för svar :(