09 January, 2012

Chitty is Dead! Twinkle is born!

So im changing my internet name from Chitty-D to Twinkle!

I came up with the name twinkle around christmas where everything was twinkling and glittery and lovely! and I just decided that my future company (whatever it will be) is going to be called Twinkle!

But I dont want to wait till then because i love the name/word :D

So i though oh well im going to have a new header to my new layout, why not change my name and url as well! :D

This will be confusing to both me and all of you im sure, but im sure well all get used to it soon =)

Why I got tired of Chitty is pretty much because im not that girl anymore, Ive changed and im not Chitty-D anymore, just as simple as that!

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