20 January, 2012

I Love Photoshop

Yesterday I helped out Lenore Cain with editing a photo. Apparently the photographer was a beginner so i got to fix the more advanced stuff, and fix some errors.

So basically at first she just wanted the floor to have some reflection, then she wanted to change the floor color, and add a wallpaper so thats what I did then i also noticed that there were only 3 legs on the chair so i added another one, and also some weird green stuff under the chair, and the floor list was only existing on half of the photo... So you se It needed some fixing!

Here is the result!

Lenore is a super nice and beautiful pinup model!
check her out:

Photographer, Make Up and Hair by Katrin Unge

1 comment:

  1. wow, you're really good at editing photos. and that model is gorgeous!