17 December, 2011

Lipstick and lipgloss, in Photoshop!

I was editing a picture today and had to try out a thing I've seen on the internet last week. Putting on lipgloss on a photo in photoshop!

I also tried adding a color to the lip.

This tutorial is for photoshop users. I do not explain in detail everything. If there is a request of that then I'll make a super beginner tutorial!

The unedited photo

Add color:
Go to selective color and play around to get the color you want. I chose this pink one. This will make your whole image go pink though just look at the lips.
Then add a layer mask choose reveal.
Then take a brush with the color black and paint away what you dont want to be pink. (which is everything but the lip)

Duplicate your photo.
Then do a plastic wrap and adjust the settings so it looks fine. I had smoothness on the highest and detail on the lowest and Highlight strength on 5.
Then ad a layer mask and do the same as you did with the color. (paint away everythign that isnt suppose to be glossy)

You can also skip adding color and just gloss up your original lips!

Hope this helped!

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