26 August, 2011

Q&A About Keratin Hair Extensions

Many people have been asking me about my hair.., my extensions and now i'll answer them.

-Its Keratin wax, 150 of (show to the camera) these small bits of extension.
-They cost about 2000kr ($316.86) to get them installed at a saloon.
-You cant get these out, they're stuck to your hair all the time, which i think is very comfortable.
-It doesn't bug you at all, i can hardly feel them right now, i only feel them when i lay down or so, but is not annoying.
-I don't know how much it damages the hair, its not good for your hair, but.. i don't think it damages that much!
-You can wear them for about 3-4 months depending on how you treat them.
yeah well that's it, bye!"

So that's what i SAID, but now that I've had them for about 7-8 months i know more and I DO NOT recommend keratin hair extensions to anyone, it probably works great for some people, but not for all! It damaged my hair very much because i was an idiot. So if you choose keratin hair extensions, make sure you do not pull them out, fiddle with them or such. And also when you hair grows obviously the extensions follows, which makes it easier for your hair to break, rather then when they're close to your scalp, so make sure you get your hair dresser replace them after a month or so.
If you do not follow my advice, you might loose A LOT of your own hair!

Hope this helped!

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